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The Society activities survey

The Society activities survey

Salamo Alaykum,


The purpose of this survey is to have a data base about the members of the Society. Based on that, we will be able to organise activities that meet our need and fulfil the purposes of Borders Islamic Society. Arabic and Islamic classes, for instance, will be organised based on the number of people who want to attend those classes whether they are for men, women or children. Other activities such as improving skills or awareness sessions will be built on needs of our society.

Another aspect of the survey seeks to know what you want from the society to do for you and your family. You may say that you need an Islamic classes for your children or you may tell us about other suggestions.

Your recommendations is very important for us.

Another aspect of the survey is looking for our skills and knowledge that we are able to share with others whether they are among Borders Islamic Society members or among others from public in the Scottish borders. We look for anyone who have a skill or knowledge and wants to share it and help others. For example, if someone has drawing skill they will be able to teach others (children or adults) how to draw. And if someone else has a financial background, they may train others about finance..etc.  Those activities will be open for muslims and non-muslims in the community.

Therefore, we encourage everyone to help us by filling in this survey.

 Here is the link to this survey,

Your help is very important.

Jazak Allah Khair.